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​FREE online self-guided program for those seeking Quality Elder Care
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Phase TWO, is a guide for finding potential Care Providers. Clicking on a Care Provider Category below will retrieve a listing with the name, phone number, location, and website (if available) for every Provider within each Category located in the Peoria area. This information can help determine which Providers you wish to investigate further.  

Care Provider Categories:
                                                                           Home Care
                                                                           Home Health Care
                                                                           Assisted Living
                                                                           Skilled Nursing

Once you’ve made arrangements to tour a facility, or have a representative visit your home, you can go to the final Phase of the Care Compass Program.

Phase THREE, is a set of basic questions that will help you complete the search for a Care Provider that best meets your Needs and Concerns. While these questions will help you gather important answers about a Provider's practices, they should be augmented with the more specific questions you developed in Phase ONE about your Needs and Concerns. Click on the appropriate Provider Category below to retrieve a Provider Research Questionnaire. The form is designed for you to use during the interview to record the Provider’s responses.
                                                                Care Provider Categories:
                                                              Home & Home Health Care
                                                              Assisted Living
                                                              Skilled Nursing


Comments about Care and Service Providers are welcomed. Click HERE to send an email with your                  remarks. Your communication will not be shared with any Provider or third party.

Service Providers are individuals or agencies involved with concerns apart from the care issues that Care Compass addresses. The Service Providers Directory lists name, phone number, and  website address.  Click on a Category to retrieve the Directory. 
Categories of Service Providers
          Care Giver Respite                                      Hospice
          Care Management                                       Residence Maintenance
          Financial Planning & Legal Assistance      Senior Day Care
          Government Benefits Explanation              Transportation