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​FREE online self-guided program for those seeking Quality Elder Care
A 501c3 Agency
Care Compass is a small, not-for-profit agency devoted to helping people, as they grow older, stay in their own homes for as long as they want to and are able to do so. However, if they must move, the Care Compass Program will assist them in finding the best possible place to live. Care Compass does not offer financial advice or assistance. It does not provide health care. And it does not have a staff of service people. What Care Compass does offer is a self-guided program to help people find the proper level of assistance and care for their specific situation. That may mean engaging an agency to provide home care, or moving to an assisted living or a skilled nursing home. The Care Compass program is designed to successfully navigate that process

Additionally, Care Compass assists neighborhoods create ‘Villages’ to provide the means for Aging in Place. This concept has proven to delay some of those ‘stay or move’ decisions the Care Compass program addresses. It succeeds by organizing neighbors to help each other in a variety of ways, and by creating social activities and events.

The remaining expenses are for various administrative cost such as maintaining the website, printing, office supplies, promotional materials, legal and registration fees.
Since there is no charge for the Care Compass program and services, it primarily relies on donations to meet its expenses. Occasionally, a small grant is secured, but most foundations offering grants restrict their funds for use on defined projects rather than for operating costs.  

While it is not required nor expected, occasionally the people who have used the Care Compass program and found it helpful, have made a donation. And donations have also been received from people who just feel this is a good program and one they want to support. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by current tax regulations. You will receive an e-mail message of appreciation and confirmation of your donation within 7 business days.

Your donations are greatly appreciated. Thank You!

  Care Compass is registered as a not-for-profit corporation in the State  
  of Illinois under the name of Care Compass Peoria, Inc.  It has been  
  granted tax exempt status under section 501c3 of the Federal IRS code,
  and assigned EIN 82-0685979.  

  The officers of the Board of Directors for Care Compass Peoria, Inc.
                         Dave Weiman - President/Treasurer
                         Douglas MacGowan - Vice President
                         Linda Lyman-Weiman - Secretary

The Operating Budget for Care Compass is typically around $1,200. Approximately 50% of that amount are reimbursable expenses paid on behalf of the Villages.
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