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     And so was born the Village Option. Today, there are almost 200 established Villages around the country, with about the same number of neighborhoods developing into a Village. Each Village is unique, serving the interests of its members. But, each embraces a fundamental concept of providing members a way to stay in their own home longer than they may have anticipated, while living an active, safe, and fulfilling life.  

     Why is Care Compass interested in the Village Option? Well, the Care Compass Program is a guide for finding quality of life for elders. Generally, that care is health-related and provided by an institution or an agency. One can think of elder-care as a continuum, starting with ‘Home Care’, then ‘Home Health Care’, to ‘Assisted Living’, and finally to ‘Skilled Nursing’. But, what if before all that, a person could safely remain in their own home by joining together with neighbors to help each other and enjoy each other’s company? How about a Village at the beginning of that continuum?

     Creating a Village is not an easy or a quick process. It requires time and energy from a significant number of people who want to engage their neighbors in efforts to make living in their own home safe and enjoyable for as long as possible. Care Compass serves as an organizing facilitator during the formation of a Village. Membership in national and regional Village organizations gives Care Compass the resources that provide guidance and training for the grass-root tasks necessary to start a Village.  With Care Compass serving as the financial and governing body, the founders of an emerging Village can concentrate on the benefits of the Village, rather than spend time in the detailed tasks associated with creating an organization. 

     Care Compass is a not-for-profit, 501c3 organization. As with all Care Compass services, there is no charge for assisting a neighborhood create a Village. Each established Village will be represented by a member serving on the Care Compass Board of Directors. Funds donated to Care Compass by Village members will only be used for expenses incurred by the donor’s Village, unless otherwise specified.

    If you are interested in learning more about the Village Option, please contact Dave Weiman at (309)264-3561, or by email HERE. You can also view the Peoria Villages website HERE, and the national Village to Village Network website HERE.

The Goal of a Village is to be a good place to live for a lifetime

The Village Story -

     A few years ago, some folks living in the Beacon Hill area of Boston were starting retirement, a few were having some aches and pains, others found they were limited in doing chores around their home - in short, they knew they were getting older! They also knew they wanted to stay in their own homes for as long as they could. Yes, there may come a time when the best option would be institutional care at some level. But, what if they joined together to help each other now, could that delay the institutional option? And, while they’re at it, maybe they could have some fun!